Friday, November 15, 2013

In Search of My Writer's Way

Doctor's appointments and possible treatment understanding of what has been going on with me health-wise and potential resolutions. FINALLY! After struggling with recurrent and goal-disrupting symptoms for over a year, to have a positive direction is such a relief and so very encouraging. As is, after taking a break due to appointments and travel, embracing writing again.

I am back to short stints, either 45 minutes to an hour at most, then taking brief breaks, at least 5 minutes, away from writing. First on my To Do List is to complete the back-to-front, by paragraph, read/edit of Book #1. Once completed, I'll make the edits in the electronic file and resend to the editor. That's it. I'm not looking beyond the current two tasks. Once those are complete, THEN I'll address where I stand on Book #2 and what's next.

For now, while working on the health resolution and during recovery, this back-to-basics approach, will get me closer to finishing the series, than will over-scheduling and setting unrealistic goals. So, back to basics, one day a a time, and hopefully, I will find my writing way.

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