Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SMART and Realistic Goals

For 2012 and 2013, I tended to overreach with setting writing goals, especially considering the ongoing health issue I battled. For 2014, since my main goal is to learn to gauge and set realistic goals for my writing and publishing venture, I am turning to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Recorded, Timely) goal setting practices. 

  • Who: Me, myself, and I, plus a coach/mentor, editor, and final proofreader
  • What: Publish entire Series #1, Launch Series #2, Launch Series #3
  • Where: In front of a computer, with a pen for markup, or on Neo
  • When: January thru May or June, publish one book in Series #1 per month,
    Launch Series 2 in late spring, early summer,
    Launch Series #3 in summer/fall time-frame
  • Which: Requires daily goal setting and sitting butt in chair and writing/revising, also requires focus and concentration), with limited internet interaction
  • Why: Life-long goal, Beginning of building a backlist to be able to write books as a living
  • Units of Measurement: Completed chapters, books, tasks, stages
  • Day-by-day production schedule and accomplishments
  • Track stages, task completion, chapters completed, etc.
  • Realistic estimates, plus additional time added as a buffer, such as:
    - Complete of workshops in formatting and promotion through January into mid-February
    - Revise Book #2 in January
    - Contact e-distribution company in January
    - Publish to CreateSpace in February
  • Set Project completion goals and break down into Monthly, Weekly, Daily goals:
    - Forward Book#2 for final read-through, 1st week of January
    - Format Book #2 in editable format, 1st week of January
    - Revise 1 Chapter per day, 2nd week of January
    - Gauge pace of revision at week's end, end of 2nd week of January
    - Schedule tasks for next week, end of 2nd week of January
  • Today
    - Listen to Chapters 26 thru 29 via Dragon NaturallySpeaks
    - Polish Chapters 26 thru 29
  • Tomorrow
    - Listen to and Polish Chapters 30 thru 32
  • Next Day
    - Listen to and Polish Chapters 33 & 35
Okay, in reviewing, all current goals look realistic and reasonable. At the end of each day, I will evaluate where I stand, then at the end of each week, to step out the task steps for the following week. Reasonable, possible, doable.

May 2014 be prolific, positive, and real.

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