Monday, February 17, 2014

NEXT: Projects and Projections

Since I've been far behind my self-imposed production schedules, I haven't posted a current and goal status in a while, so here goes:

First & Second Quarter 2014 Projects:
  • Book #1, Series #1, is undergoing that that third set of eyes read through.
  • Book #2's fleshing out and pacing is almost complete, with a goal to send to writing coach for review by the end of February.
  • Book #3 is up next, with fleshing out and pacing scheduled for March.
  • Book #4, due to family commitments in April, will undergo partial fleshing out and pacing, that will probably roll over to May.
  • Book #5 will follow, naturally, Book #4 for fleshing out and pacing in May/June.
  • Series #1 published in its entirety by the end of June, July at the latest.
  • Note: If, by tracking my progress, I am able to speed up the fleshing-out and pacing process, the series will go live sooner.
 Third and Fourth Quarter 2014 Projections:
  • July is set to write AND finalize Book #1, Series #2.
  • August is set for writing a romance.
  • September will involve the 2nd Book in Series #2.
  • October, of course, will be horror novel month.
  • November, Book #3, Series #2
  • December, Book #1, Series 3
Of course, the projected schedule is fluid, depending on the realistic pace I am able to establish. That's the key to the next few weeks, gauging and measuring how much I've accomplished in what period of time, where accomplished, and any distractions thereof.

Writing-wise, that's my 2014. Interesting times and onward!

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