Saturday, May 17, 2014

Work in Progress... Always

Part of writing for the long haul is writing one book after another. There is no THE book, only writing the NEXT book. With 5 skeletal drafts banked (written by lightning drafting, which I do NOT recommend), I have been working through those drafts to flesh them out. In other words, in my cycle of learning, I doubled, if not tripled, the workload of writing the series.

Thus, when I might have finished in months, the process has taken way too long and has been quite tedious.

During a recent trip that was electronics restricted (translate to no electricity or internet access), I started a fresh manuscript in a new genre.

A few weeks away from finishing the first series, I have started a trilogy as well. One book after another.

Publication of series one is set for August, with the trilogy set for release in February.

Thus far, my writing experience has been about learning the tools to write professionally and about what works and what does not work for me.

First health issues, then choosing a process that wasn't the best for me, then the time necessary to finish what I started... Well, time moves on, and so does my writing. Onward!

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