Monday, August 4, 2014

She Who Will Not Be Named

Does everyone have one? Like Harry Potter's Voldemort (He Who Must Not Be Named), I seem to have acquired a She Who Will Be Not Be Named. For that reason, I will hold off on revealing my author names (pseudonyms) for a while. Bottom line, I choose not to offer someone, with whom I've spent less than ten (10) hours with during the past 10 years, the opportunity to leave negative reviews for my books out of ugliness and spite and possibly tank the series before it has a chance to gain traction with readers.

I suppose that, for some, a She Who Will Not Be Named might be an ex-coworker who knows that you know what or who she did to get and keep a job for which she in no way qualifies. Or perhaps, a supposed friend who took issue with the fact that you expect them to take responsibility for their own finances or lack thereof and that you are not a never-pay-back loan company. Maybe even a no-longer family member (by your choice) that appreciates gossip and drama way more than you ever could.

She Who Will Not Be Named could be anybody... But she's someone that's gained an obsessive interest in you, your life, and your activities. Because, in this person's perception and opinion, you are not deserving of success or happiness.

In this instance, I wish I could say that I had said or done something to this person to gain such magnanimous attention and ire, and, thus, offer an apology and make amends; however, it seems, in this situation, all I "did" to gain such notoriety and power was just "be."

Yes, my very existence is the focus of this person, for it seems I am living "the life she deserves."

Truth be told, I barely know this person, and not surprisingly, have no desire to expend time and energy in this person's stead or direction.

Why have I been the targeted, er, chosen by this, um, cough-cough, lady, and her cronies, ah, associates?

Wrong place, right time? Right place, wrong time? Because my hair is curly? My eyes are green? Perhaps my relationship choices? Hers?

Two things I know for sure: 1) my life during the last 10 years has been a thrilling adventure, and I wake every morning looking forward to my day, and 2) that if She Who Will Not Be Named focused more on her own issues, perhaps she might be living a more fulfilling, healthy, happy life, rather than wishing to live and/or cause harm to mine.

Would She Who Will Not Be Name rally her crew of like-minded folks to make an effort to harm my writing career?

Sadly, more than likely.

My advice to those who must deal with other She Who Will Not Be Named encounters? 1) Live your life, and don't hesitate to seek assistance (legally, if called for) should She cross the ugly line into stalker territory, and 2) take needed counter measures, if warranted [such as my not offering up my writing name(s) for fodder].

My suggestion for She Who Will Not Be Named: Get a life of your very own.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

5 Down and 1 in the Hole

During the past few weeks, I dove into finalizing the Young Adult series that I've been working on for the past two years. Before I go back beneath the surface once again to focus on a new YA series, I wanted to touch base by posting on the Kathy Writes Books blog.

I have truly missed blogging and will focus on making a post every few weeks as I continued to write.

Since I have seen over the past few years that readers are hesitant to invest in an incomplete book series, I banked the entire series (which means I did not publish each book as it was finished) and intend to publish the entire series at the same time in the next few weeks.

Author Hugh Howey posted about the banking technique, or The Lilian Nirvana Technique, or as Author Lilian Nirvana uses the term, 5 down and 1 in the hole.

This YA series will be my 5 down, while the first book in the next series will be considered one in the hole.

I will also be banking a trilogy for release in February, as well as focusing on the series mentioned above for the next few months. (So, technically next year's first trilogy release will be considered 3 down, with the following book of the next trilogy equating to 1 in the hole.)

Thanks to Author Dean Wesley Smith workshops and shared Writing in Public challenge my production has increased, and I am looking very much forward to the months to come.